This is a partial, preliminary schedule of events.

Saturday June 26, 2021

12:00 PM EDT 1:00 PM EDT Warmup and Networking

1:00 PM EDT Introduction

1:10 PM EDT 2:00 PM EDT Mark Brown: “SHINE! On Stage…and Online!”

About Mark Brown

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Mark Brown immigrated to the United States at the age of 18 with only $40 in his pocket and a dream for a better life. He spent 15 years working as a computer analyst before choosing to develop his public speaking skills. After recovering from a life-threatening illness in the summer of 1993, he made a commitment to excel as a communicator, earning a 1995 Harlem YMCA Black Achievers in Industry Award in the process.

In 1995, Mark defeated more than 20,000 contestants from 14 countries to win the illustrious Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. Since then, he has delivered more than 3,500 presentations to more than 1.7 million people, on 5 continents. He has earned the coveted designation of Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association, and he has become one of the most popular inspirational speakers in the world.

Mark Brown, CSP

As an expert in helping people overcome their fears to reach their maximum potential, he uses a unique combination of humor and poignancy to reach the most diverse audiences, and he continually inspires people from all walks of life to achieve ever-increasing levels of excellence.

Mark has been featured in the New York TimesMen’s Health, on CNN Headline News, and even had his own PBS Special, ‘Words Count – with Mark Brown,’ which was nominated for an Emmy Award.

A frequent presenter at National Speakers Association meetings, and keynote speaker at Toastmasters International Conferences around the world, Mark also serves as the Convention Announcer/Voice of God at the Toastmasters International Convention each year. He has shared his insights across a wide variety of industries,  and to major corporations including: The South African Reserve Bank, Sprint, Sheraton, Principal Financial Group, Prudential, Trane, and Cathay Pacific Airways. Additionally, Mark has been a guest lecturer at premier academic institutions such as Penn State University, Xavier University and The University of Florida.

He is the co-author of the book The Speaker’s Edge, and co-host of the weekly Unforgettable Presentations Podcast.

He lives in Lizella, GA, USA, with Andrea, his wife of more than 35 years.


2:30 PM EDT 3:30 PM EDT 3-5 Minute Webinar Contest

Speakers from participating clubs will compete to show who can make a big impression in a small amount of time.

3:30 PM EDT 3:50 PM EDT Intermission

3:50 PM EDT 4:40 PM EDT Workshop Speaker 2 TBD

4:40 PM EDT 5:10 PM EDT Breakout Rooms

5:10 PM EDT 6:00 PM EDT Speaker 3 TBD

6:00 PM EDT 6:30 PM EDT Breakout Rooms

6:30 PM EDT 7:00 PM EDT Conclusion

7:00 PM EDT 8:00 PM EDT After Party!

Sunday June 27, 2021

7:00 AM EDT 8:00 AM EDT Warmup and Networking

8:00 AM EDT Introduction

8:10 AM EDT 9:00 AM EDT Speaker 4 TBA

9:00 AM EDT 9:30 AM EDT Breakout Rooms

9:30 AM EDT10:30 AM EDT Panel Discussion

10:30 AM EDT10:50 AM EDT Intermission

10:50 AM EDT11:40 AM EDT Patricia Fripp: “Stand Out with Energetic Intimacy”

About Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp

Companies hire Patricia Fripp to help them drive sales by perfecting their important conversations and presentations.

A true presentation skills expert, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, is a Hall of Fame award-winning speaker, a sales trainer, and an in-demand executive speech coach. For over 30 years, she has been focusing on how professionals from all industries can communicate their ideas more effectively.

Patricia is trusted by clients such as NutanixMicrosoftVISASAPConcurZebra TechnologiesADPDistech ControlsSpartan Chemicals, and The American Payroll Association.

Clients of her speech coaching include corporate leadersfinancial advisorstechnical and sales professionals, and professional speakersMeetings and Conventions magazine named her “One of the 10 most electrifying speakers in North America.” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance wrote that learning presentation skills from Patricia Fripp is one of the best ways to invest in your success.

Patricia was the first female president of the National Speakers Association. She has won or been awarded the CPAE Hall of Fame, CSP Certified Speaking Professional, and the Cavett Award, which is compared to the Oscar in speaking.

She is the author of two books and co-author of three others.

In 2019, she was named one of the Top 25 Women in Sales and Top 30 Coaching Gurus. Patricia can virtually train everyone anywhere with her interactive online learning system, FrippVT Powerful, Persuasive Presentations.


1:00 PM EDT 1:30 PM EDT Breakout Rooms

1:30 PM EDT 2:20 PM EDT Darren LaCroix: “Unforgettable Presentations”

About Darren LaCroix

Darren LaCroix

After a failed business in 1992, Darren LaCroix took the stage in a Boston comedy club and bombed miserably. It was horrible. The headliner that night told him to “keep his day job.” Friends told him that his dream of making people laugh for a living was crazy and stupid. He didn’t listen.

He may have been born without a funny bone in his body, but Darren possessed the desire to learn and the willingness to fail. These were the essentials for achieving his dream. This self-proclaimed student of comedy is living proof that anything can be learned.

Less than nine years later, in 2001, Darren LaCroix outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. He did it with a very funny speech. Some said it was one of the best speeches in the history of the contest.

Since that victory, Darren travels the world demystifying the process of creating a powerful presentation. His story has inspired audiences in 45 International cities including faraway places like Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, China, Oman, Malaysia, and Taiwan with his inspirational journey from Chump to Champ. He is passionate about showing people that if you are a sponge and have the right mentors, anything is possible.

He is the co-host of the Unforgettable Presentations podcast and also the coauthor for two books, Laugh & Get Rich and the Speaker’s Edge. Through his live workshops and online programs, Darren works with presenters eager to learn what it takes to connect deeply with their audiences. As the founder of he shows presenters how to be unforgettable.

Inspiring. Authentic. Passionate.
Practical Strategies Delivered in an Unforgettable Way.


2:10 PM EDT 3:00 PM EDT After Party

11:40 PM EDT12:40 AM EDT Breakout Rooms